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Buckner Physical Fitness CenTER


  • Independent Tech Review

  • Final Air Barrier testing


ARCHITECT:               BCRA Design


NEXUS performed an independent technical review, air barrier inspections, and final air barrier test for this 50,920-sf physical fitness center addition. This addition features two distinct areas with minimal connection. This made it difficult to maintain equalized pressure during the test. To remedy this, manual testing was performed which allowed the test to be performed with greater accuracy. 

Despite its challenges, this building was the third tightest facility USACE had tested at the time. According to ASHRAE standards, a facility is considered to be a “tight” building if it achieves an air leakage rage of 0.10 cfm/sf. This fitness center performed at 0.045 cfm/sf – more than 50% tighter than ASHARE’s definition of an air tight building and is expected to yield 40% energy savings. This is crucial in a place like Alaska where heating a space like this is quite high. 

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