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Medical Dental Facility 


  • Technical Review

  • Air Barrier Inspection

  • Window Test

  • Final Air Barrier testing


ARCHITECT:               Leo A. Daly

CONTRACTOR:         Gilbane Construction

NEXUS performed building envelope commissioning (BECx) as well as final air barrier and water tests for this new single-story, 16,000-sf medical and dental clinic. The architectural features of the building include large aluminum storefront to allow for day-lighting, and magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains.   

This area of Colorado is greatly affected by high winds, and air and water resistance are crucial to proper function of the building.  Along the aluminum storefront windows NEXUS performed an AAMA 501.2 calibrated spray nozzle water test as well as ASTM E1105 calibrated spray rack tests to ensure this portion of the building was properly sealed. 

Air barrier inspections were performed and documented as part of the building envelope commissioning and to ensure the air barrier, in particular, was properly installed to prevent unintentional air flow exacerbated by the high winds experiences on this site.  Final air barrier testing confirmed the quality of construction, and the building tested substantially below the maximum allowable air leakage rate of 0.25 com/sf. 

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