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Avalon Belltown Towers

Avalon Belltown Towers is one of the newest high-rise projects to grace the Seattle skyline. NEXUS was contracted by Avalon Bay Development to perform final air barrier testing on the completed building enclosure. Given the phasing of occupancy and completed work, the developer elected to have the air barrier tested in a four-part segmented test. This meant the building was divided into four areas for testing comprised of at least two floors tested with the floors above and below pressure equalized. The Main Floor and the top two floors were selected, as were two levels in between where the building stepped to allow for a more thorough test of the enclosure elements.

In addition to performing the testing, NEXUS assisted the Architects in gaining approval for a code alternative testing approach, describing the testing in detail and coordinating with the City of Seattle to gain their agreement on the approach. This segmented approach to the testing allowed construction in other areas of the building to continue unhindered. It also allowed the developer to open portions of the building for occupancy before the entire building was completed.

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