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Madison Elementary SCHool


  • Forensics through Final Design

CLIENT/OWNER:  Olympia School District 

ARCHITECT:           N/A

CONTRACTOR:     Lewis/Cutler Construction, Inc

NEXUS was contracted by the Olympia School District to determine the extent and cause of severe deterioration in the exterior stucco-clad walls.  During the initial survey, inadequate detailing of the stucco and a lack of proper flashing and overhangs were found throughout the building. The extent of visible water infiltration damage necessitated a Level II invasive forensic investigation.  

Hygrothermal (WUFI) modeling was performed  to identify potential changes needed to battle dew point and address vapor drive. NEXUS then designed and detailed the complete re-cladding of the buildings' exterior, while preserving the integrity of existing detailing and building style. Building envelope air leakage testing was performed utilizing infrared thermography and neutral buoyancy smoke to determine extent and location of building envelope leakage points. 

During construction, NEXUS performed regular site inspections, provided construction administration services, and worked closely with the Contractor to efficiently address difficult or unexpected conditions. Finally, with re-cladding and remediation completed, NEXUS performed a whole building envelope air leakage test.

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