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Envelope Services in Dallas

a black and white image of a man rappelling off the side of a building while using a power tool to create an opening in the building façade.

We are thrilled to announce that our team has arrived in Texas! Michael Drexler, our expert in the field, has made his way to Dallas to lead Envelope Services for the area. With an impressive background spanning 16 years in the building science industry, Michael brings a wealth of experience in field testing and forensic investigation. Furthermore, his expertise extends to hands-on project management, careful review of technical documentation, and execution of construction administration tasks.

NEXUS provides building enclosure solutions through design, consulting, testing, and quality control inspections for all aspects of building enclosure performance and commissioning. Our solutions include an integrated approach that considers underlying project goals in conjunction with the relationship between materials, systems, and the outdoor environment.

Michael and our Dallas team can be reached at (214) 416-7887.




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