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Tacoma rail control tower


  • Air Barrier Testing

  • Building Envelope Design

CLIENT/OWNER:       Tacoma Rail / City of Tacoma 

ARCHITECT:                BCRA

CONTRACTOR:          Good News Group

NEXUS performed building envelope design, testing, and consulting for Tacoma Rail, as their Control Tower was experiencing significant amounts of diesel fuel odor and smoke from adjacent locomotives. We performed infrared thermography and whole building pressurization to identify areas of air infiltration leading to poor indoor air quality. We also prepared design documents the contractor used to seal the building. After the building was sealed, the mechanical exhaust in the adjoining shop facility was configured.

An initial investigation and air barrier test using infrared thermography revealed significant air infiltration throughout the exterior walls, especially underneath the overhang of the 2nd floor. To remedy the issue, exterior cladding was removed, and vertical walls and overhang were properly sealed with a continuous air barrier. Post-construction testing revealed a 45% reduction in air infiltration into the building.

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