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cwu SCIENCE building ii


  • Site Inspections

  • Air Barrier Testing

  • Air Barrier Seminar


ARCHITECT:                Integrus

CONTRACTOR:          Lydig Construction

During the construction phase of this project, NEXUS providing on-site air barrier inspections through multiple site visits at key air barrier installation milestones. The Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) mandates that a whole building air leakage test be performed on the installed air barrier prior to building occupancy.


The building was tested under both pressurization and depressurization with an average leakage rate of 0.254cfm/sf @ 75Pa achieved, 1/3 below the WSEC maximum leakage rate of 0.40cfm/sf. The infrared survey located only minor areas of air leakage to be remedied. This building is LEED certified Gold.


NEXUS also presented an Air Barrier Seminar to the client’s construction management and design team as well as the general contractor to assist them during future projects in understanding how to cost-effectively meet and surpass the WSEC requirements.

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