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Fife School District Assessments

Fife School District needed assistance in assessing the existing facilities within the district. NEXUS was commissioned to perform investigations and roof assessments of the exterior walls and roofs for the following schools:

  • Fife High School

  • Endeavour Intermediate School

  • Discovery Primary School

  • Hedden Elementary School

  • Columbia Junior High School

Starting with comprehensive visual inspections, aerial infrared thermography was used to identify areas of potential entrapped moisture. In the event that there were deteriorated conditions and water intrusion was suspected, moisture reading of the substrate and wall core testing was performed.

Using the data gathered, a life cycle evaluation was performed for the relevant building envelope systems for each school. The findings and recommendations provided by NEXUS were instrumental in capital planning for the replacement and maintenance of aging and deteriorating systems and structures.

Project Summary


Fife School District


Envelope Assessment


Fife, WA

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