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Morgan Family YMCA

NEXUS performed a preliminary Facilities Conditions Assessment of the existing Morgan Family YMCA. Our assessment assisted the client in determining the feasibility of the existing building for expanded uses if renovated.

NEXUS work was limited to evaluating exterior envelope assemblies and providing an evaluation of the building under the 2015 Washington State Energy Code to ascertain upgrades that may be necessary to the existing building envelope if renovations qualify as a substantial alteration under the City of Tacoma Building Code.

During the assessment, the team at NEXUS broadly determined substantial deficiencies within the existing structure that may be cost prohibitive in renovating and re-purposing the structure for new amenities, such as an expanded natatorium.

Using the data gathered, a life cycle evaluation was performed for the relevant building envelope systems. The findings and recommendations provided by NEXUS were instrumental in capital planning for the replacement of the existing building. This also provided the client with important analysis to understand the extent of deficiencies limiting further expansion of the existing building.

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YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap County


Envelope Assessment


Tacoma, WA

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