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Tom Taylor YMCA

The Tom Taylor YMCA is a fitness facility containing a mix of fitness and administrative uses which include aerobic and anaerobic workout areas, open gymnasium, indoor running track, locker rooms, and a natatorium. The owner noticed the natatorium was experiencing substantial efflorescence, staining on the exterior cladding and a build up of ice on the exterior of the windows during the winter.

The initial investigation involved documenting the visible conditions as well as performing preliminary infrared thermography under normal operating pressures, cutting exploratory openings in the walls of the natatorium and installing eight (8) data loggers on the surface and within the exterior walls of the building. The data loggers were set to record temperature, relative humidity over several weeks to identify how the building performs over time.

Further investigation included retrieving performing an air leakage test utilizing blower door fan assemblies and digital manometers. The purpose of this testing was to identify the locations of air leakage around the perimeter of the natatorium both to the exterior as well as to the interior of the adjoining spaces.

Using the data gathered, analysis and evaluation was performed of the relevant building envelope systems. The findings and recommendations provided by NEXUS were instrumental in identifying and solving the root cause of the water/vapor damage resulting in NEXUS preparing a remediation design.

Project Summary


YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap County


Forensic Investigation, Envelope Assessment, Envelope Design


Gig Harbor, WA

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