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Uwajimaya Village Apartments

NEXUS was brought onto the project by Development Services Consulting on behalf of the owner, Equity Residential, after water intrusion, organic growth, and structural deterioration were found in both the south and east facing stairwell of the Uwajimaya Village Apartments in Seattle, Washington. Uwajimaya Village Apartments consists of three (3) stucco-clad wood-framed, three to six story apartment buildings over a two story concrete deck built in year 2000.

The Owner had a general contractor remove portions of the stucco siding in an attempt to identify and solve the water intrusion problems, upon which they found the structural problems related to water intrusion. NEXUS was engaged to perform a forensic survey pertaining to the potential causes through a series of investigations and exterior building envelope assessments. The forensics included a visual survey and mapping of all cracks visible on the exterior surfaces of the stucco. Invasive investigations involving removing over forty (40) +/-2’-0” x 2’-0” sections of stucco down to the plywood substrate and placement of data loggers throughout the building to measure temperature/humidity over time. Findings were documented in a written report with remediation recommendations, infrared thermography and visible light images and presented to the Owner.

NEXUS designed the re-cladding and window replacement and is overseeing the construction of the re-cladding and window installation.

Project Summary


Equity Residential


Forensic Investigation, Envelope Design, Submittal Reviews, Installation Observations, Window Water Penetration Testing



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